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Our Core Values

Genuine Love for God

We express our love to God through all of our expressions: Living committed and sanctified lives. In every aspect of our living (inside and outside of the church walls), we extend this heart-felt worship of Him. We sing intimate, engaging, heart-felt songs of worship as we commit to be present in his presence.


Authentic Love for others

We have an authentic environment where Transparency and Vulnerability are a way

of life; always esteeming others more than ourselves.

Phil. 2:2-4


Genuine Faith

We endeavor to consistently please God by Living a Life in Demonstration of Spirit

and Power.

1 Cor. 2:4-5


Relevant Church Atmosphere

We commit to having a worship atmosphere filled with Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs that speak to various cultures. We don't want people to have to enter a time warp to relate to our atmosphere, language, music, and teaching style. Our Church

will always "Lift Jesus Up" as its strategy for growth.

John 12:32


HEIRS is a Church where everyone is of great value to us and in the eyes of God. Our Goal is that each Heir DISCOVERS who he or she is: One Step, One Covenant, One inheritance at a time.

Gal 3:29-4:2


Equipping and Training

We believe that everyone is a Leader, as well as a Disciple. We will train each member with this in mind. Our church will be the place for your preparation for purpose ... where Dreams and Visions are promoted and endorsed. Here, you will

find a secure environment where each person feels free to grow. We will meet you right where you are.


Practicing His Presence (Silence, solitude, and prayer)

It is important to make room in our lives to hear God's voice, express Christ's character, and spend time in communion with the Holy Spirit. We will teach you how to incorporate this practice into every day of your life.



We challenge one another to pursue integrity in every area of life. Ours is a Culture where ungodliness is the exception.


Walking in Liberty (committed to generosity)

This commitment calls for us to freely give away everything that we have been freely given by God.


Mercy and Compassion

We extend the same mercy and compassion toward others that Jesus shows toward us. We will serve the poor, oppressed, needy, and broken in our city, throughout this nation, and across the world. We desire to brilliantly draw others into their place of communion with God.


Filling the Gaps between Children, Youth, Young Adults, and Mature Adults


1. Dynamic Childrens Ministry

Our children are precious seeds, and each needs to be valued. Heirs, is committed to help each child to transition through each level, all the way to becoming mature adults. During that journey, we will insure that each child continues to have an authentic, relevant relationship with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Each child needs to hear God's word with simplicity, while developing as a young disciple. This will be accomplished by Heirs providing a loving, nurturing, safe, and fun atmosphere.


2. Youth Ministry 

Our youth must be prepared for young adulthood so that they can serve as examples to their friends of "How to Live for Christ" under PEER Pressure. Heirs will create an enjoyable environment that will not compromise their preparation.

Our youth will grow to be relevant, excited, cutting-edge, and powerful disciples, without sacrificing the anointing.


3. Healing and Building Strong Marriages

We help married couples to bring back the passion and appreciation of participating in an anointed covenant. Our desire is to help them to return to a place of communion and covenant that reflects our relationship with God.


4. Understanding Spiritual Authority

Everyone draws authority by learning the value of submitting to authority. This is a key principle at Heirs.

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