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Church Membership

Heirs Church Membership

What are you apart of?


1. Heirs Christian Center Church has been blessed with: A Loving God,  A Powerful Vision, A Heart for People, and Tremendous Favor.


2. The Pastors have been blessed with: A Love for People, A Powerful Word, An  Understanding Heart, A Discerning Spirit, The Favor of God and Man, and The Gift to Heal


3. Our Vision is to Equip Heirs for their inheritance in the Kingdom


4. You can expect preparation for Purpose


5. Our Mission is what the equipping will be: Continuously operating in another level of faith (actually - consistently living by it), hearing and following the leading of the Holy Spirit at another level, Seeing clearer and clearer the missing components to purpose and sometimes just understanding the purpose of God for you, Being so filled up with the joy of God's love - it overflows on everyone around you.


Do I have any expectations or qualifications?


1. We desire that you except Jesus Christ as Your Personal Savior


2. Experience the Benefit of Baptism


3. Experience the Benefit of Baptism in the Holy Spirit


4. Open yourself to the Heirs Training Classes to either gain more of an understanding of who you are as an Heir in Gods Kingdom, Christian, Your Purpose in God, and develop the confidence to win and empower others to walk in the Liberty Christ has afforded.


5. We dont require, but do desire that you commit to staying locked in to your spiritual growth in the Kingdom.


6. We reserve the right to not put any of our member in harms way by promoting them or positioning them while in a novice or maturing state in

their walk with God.


7. We further reserve to right to not be bound by the previous commitment, as the Holy Spirit always sees more than us all and may decide to promote an seemingly unready or undisciplined individual knowing more about his or her heart than us leaders.


8. We desire in these situations that each member follow Paul's advice and dare not compare themselves with themselves or others.


9. We desire that each member work to understand God's Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Statement of Faith for Heirs Christian Center Church


10. We desire each member pray and stay attentive to God as to what their part is in this vision


11. We desire that each member pray and stay attentive to what God's vision is for their life and how Heirs Christian Center can assist in being a catalyst or support for this vision


12. We reserve the right to push only what we believe is God ordained and will not cripple the foundation he has established for Heirs Christian Center Church


13. We do believe however that every individual may or may not harmonize, enhance or be able to be pushed by Heirs Christian Center Church


14. We do however believe that we can always stay connected and be supportive to the best of our ability


15. We desire to maintain our connection with all those who have joined our church whether in the house or being reestablished in another location.


16. We pray that once you are family, you'll always be family.


17. We further would love to advise you on pinnacle transitions in your life. However, we reserve the right to let everyone live out his or her choices with or without Godly counsel.


18. We Desire that you exercise your faith first, but we reserve the right to assist people over the hump of roadblocks on their progress to trust God (benevolence for momentum, not dependence).


19. This document is not attended to be binding, but liberating. We believe family can consistently walk, grow, and soar together when they understand each other and are in agreement.


20. Just like every earthly thing that's growing. This literature is Temporary (Subject to Change) – not without notice and not without family input.


21. Last, but not least. We reserve the right to always be open to hear you, love you, learn from you, lead you, grow you and empower you.


22. Never let doubt or fear keep you from approaching your leaders.

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