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Pastor Keith Bradley

Pastor Keith Bradley

Pastor Keith Bradley is called to draw all those he encounters into a face to face relationship

with God. He seeks to help them find out who they are and whose they are by revealing God's purpose to them, simplifying the Word of God, inspiring transparency in relationships, and resurrecting dreams forgotten. Well known for being a guide and for providing an ear to the young and old, Pastor Bradley can be summed up in three words: "He Loves People". 


Pastor Keith Bradley was born August 2, 1962, in Newark, New Jersey, where he was raised

by foster parents Joseph and Amanda Taylor until he reunited with his birth family as a teenager. He is the youngest son of Irving Bradley Sr. and Jacqueline Morrison. He has five sisters, Michelle, Diane (McClure), Yvette, Cassandra, and Angela, as well as one brother, Irving, Jr. Pastor Bradley began his education in the Newark Public School system and later attended Upsala College in East Orange, New Jersey. While attending Upsala College from 1980-1984, he participated on the basketball team and pledged Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity.


For 18 years, Pastor Bradley served under the leadership of Columbus Christian Center Church in Columbus, Ohio. He answered the call to ministry in 1994. After working six years in Ohio Juvenile Corrections System, he was hired as a full-time Associate Minister in 1998. Pastor Bradley was ordained and Licensed at Columbus Christian Center Church and furthered his education by graduating from the Gospel Lighthouse School of Ministry in 2005.


Additionally, in 2006, he graduated from the Ever Increasing Life Training Center, where he later became an instructor and eventually Dean of Students. In addition to his many duties as an Associate Minister, Pastor Bradley has been privileged to inspire students of all ages, as well as college and professional athletes throughout the country. 


Two of the programs he co-founded, The HEIRS Basketball Program and Inside Stuff Campus Ministries (which includes a bible study with the Ohio State University Football team), have proven to have a significant impact in the State of Ohio. Pastor Bradley moved to Columbus, Ohio in the summer of 1991 where he later met his wife, Melanie. They were joined in marriage on August 21, 1993. They have one son Mondale who, with his lovely wife Tasha, raise four wonderful children (Chanel, Mondale, Jr., Gavin, and Nhyla).


A Note in Honor of My Wife:


On October 18, 1992, I came face to face with the eyes that I had seen in the distance my

entire life. Wow! Right after the jolt that went through my arm during altar prayer, I turned around to make eye contact with the most beautiful woman in the world. I remember asking God that day, Where did she come from? Did you just drop her out of the sky? God replied, That's your wife. This rest is history. We married the following year and became the best of friends (and still are to this day). Melanie has been a big tool in my being at this place in life. 


When I would relax, she would challenge. When I would wonder, she would believe. When I would wait, she would run (literally). God said he designed an help-meet suitable for man. I am so glad I got mine. One of the greatest lessons that I've learned in my marriage was when I had to consider risking what I worked for, to cover my wife. Melanie was willing to endure hurt to salvage my dream. These heartfelt words came out of my spirit, There is no Dream without You. That sums up our covenant. We are One Together in God. I'm not all me, without all of her.

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