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Pastor Melanie Bradley

Pastor Melanie Bradley

Pastor Melanie Bradley is known for prophetically expressing the heart of God with boldness, tenderness, and passion. She has a deep love for children, a dedication to the kingdom, a commitment to leadership, and most of all, the ability to impart supernatural joy into everyone she encounters. Pastor Melanie was born on January 17, 1962, in Columbus Ohio. She is the second daughter of Leroy and "Arma" Marjorie Anderson and has three sisters (Nikita, Camille, and Latisha) and two brothers (Michael and Roi). 


She was educated in the Columbus Public School system, and later attended Columbus State Community College. As a small child, Pastor Melanie was always God Conscience. This was influenced by her great grandmother, who was an Evangelist and Pastor. She was very instrumental in her growth in the Lord. God told Pastor Melanie at an early age, that she would marry a minister, share the gospel like her grandmother, and have a strong healing ministry. Shortly after God's impartation, Pastor Melanie began operating in the gifts of the spirit and has been favored to experience countless supernatural experiences both visual and audible. 


Pastor Melanie joined Columbus Christian Center Church with her husband in 1992. During her years of service there, she was ordained and licensed in ministry, and functioned as the Director of the Learning Center and Pre-School. Pastor Melanie worked in several capacities including Praise and Worship Leader, Womens Leadership Team participant, Prison Ministry Speaker, and Ministry Counselor. She also graduated from the Ever Increasing Life Training Center in 2006, where she later became an instructor. Melanie is the wonderful wife of our Senior Pastor and the mother of Mondale, who is married to Tasha Bradley, and cherishes her role as grandmother to four beautiful grandchildren: Chanel, Mondale, Jr., Gavin, and Nhyla.


A Note in Honor of My Husband:


On October 18, 1992, I met the man I believe God was referring to when he told me at 12 years old, you will marry a minister. On August 21, 1993, we were married. Since then, God has used my husband to build me up with the Word and to immensely help to heal a lot of inner pain that was buried deep inside me. He has had and continues to have a great impact on my life physically, emotionally, and most of all spiritually. My husband has taught me how to love unconditionally, believe God in adversity, and to understand people. He has also helped me to break free from offense, be disciplined in prayer and the Word, be faithful and loyal, and to live as a true disciple of Christ. He never forced my process, but gently taught me when I was open to receive or by living it out before me. I believe God used him literally to save my life. Besides God, he is the most important part of my purpose, because my purpose is wrapped up in his.

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