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New Member Training Classes


*Foundational Classes


We Desire Every Member to take these Classes

(Plus one Advanced or Specially Disciplined):



Understanding the New Birth

Understanding Baptism

Understanding the Holy Spirit

Understanding the Value of God’s Word

Understanding the Value of Prayer

Understanding Praise and Worship

Understanding Our Beliefs (Why We Believe What We Believe)

How to Hear from God





*Advanced Classes


We Desire Every Disciple and Leader to take these Classes:


Tithes and Offerings

Relationships within the Body

The Trinity

Renewing the Mind





The Power of the Tongue


Walk in the Spirit (Pastor Melanie Bradley)

Deaf, Dumb, & Blind Spirit

Reproof, Rebuke, Foolishness

What’s In the Mix: The Power of Music

7 Steps to Benefit from your Relationship w/God

Evangelism – Pastor Melanie Bradley

New Wine For New Winners: The Anointing




*Specially Disciplined Classes


We Desire Everyone with a specific Gifting or Calling to take these Classes:


Spiritual Authority


Leaders In The Kingdom of God

Called, Tested, Chosen, & Fulfilled

Calling and Purpose

The Tests of Ministry

The Holy Spirit and His Gifts (Advanced Class)

How To Operate In Godly Counsel


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